Thermal Management Systems & Components


THERMAL MAX® radiators, charged air coolers & heat exchangers are made of aluminum or copper and are suitable for heavy-duty applications found on trucks, buses, military vehicles, generators, pumps, off-highway and marine equipment. OEM units up to 10′ x 10′ are available for air, water, or oil applications. THERMAL MAX® heat exchangers, from computers to locomotives, come in all shapes, sizes and capabilities. For more information, contact our Technical Department at 800-338-4120.


ELECTRIC FAN ENGINEERING has raised the bar for heavy-duty cooling with its newly designed high-performance ELECTRIC and HYDRAULIC HEAT TRANSFER ASSEMBLIES. The THERMO SMART® system combines a high-output fan with a specially designed, heavy-duty heat exchanger. Assemblies can be used as radiators, charged air coolers or hydraulic oil heat exchangers that are used on cars, trucks, buses, off-highway, military, stationary equipment or other types of commercial and industrial applications. Sizes up to 10′ x 10′ are available.

EFE specializes in fully-assembled packages that can include fan, radiator, charged-air cooler, and a hydraulic oil heat exchanger. THERMO SMART® HEAT EXCHANGER PACKAGES come in all shapes, sizes and capacities. EFE’s custom-designed units with DC, AC or hydraulic fan drives, will solve many thermal management problems.


The THERMAL MAX® SUMMER/WINTER HEAT TRANSFER SYSTEM is a better, cost-effective solution to control the year-round temperature of diesel fuel. The system contains a remote mount heat exchanger that is connected by duct work to the vehicle’s cab component. As diesel fuel is circulated internally through the heat exchanger, climate-controlled air produced by the vehicle’s heating and A/C system from inside the cab component, is drawn and passed externally over it. During the winter, warm air from the heater is used to heat the fuel, while the climate-controlled air produced by the air-conditioning system is used to cool the fuel during the summer.

By maintaining fuel temperature at a preferred level, the THERMAL MAX® SUMMER/WINTER HEAT TRANSFER SYSTEM will help control pressure, droplet size and density, thereby increasing performance while reducing exhaust emissions. The THERMAL MAX® SUMMER/WINTER HEAT TRANSFER SYSTEM assembly is the only assembly that will allow OEM’s the opportunity to use one single system to heat or cool diesel fuel at a substantially lower cost than other multiple systems. In addition, it is the only system that provides superior cooling during the summer since it uses the climate-controlled air produced by the A/C system, and is not dependent on ambient air.