THERMAL STAR® BODY COOLING SYSTEMS, covered by US 9,308,121, 9,851,113, 10,820,637 and other patents pending are advanced designed personal cooling assemblies that will help protect the body from heat stress and fatigue when exposed to high environmental temperatures. In operation, all assemblies use a fan that produces a high volume ambient air flow stream that passes over the body creating a cooling effect by evaporating body moisture. This will help maintain a person’s body temperature at a safe level, increasing alertness, performance, and concentration, while reducing health and safety concerns over heat-related illnesses.

Military proven, the first THERMAL STAR® BODY COOLING SYSTEM was designed to keep Army tank personnel cool in desert conditions where temperatures could reach 160 degrees F. Today’s advanced designed assemblies are more compact and are available for many numerous cooling and climate controlled applications.


  • Compact-light weight
  • Can be used to cool the body, head, or neck
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • 12-volt motor
  • Easily adjusts to many users
  • Does not require any harnesses or vest to hold it in place
  • Systems available to operate under or over clothing
  • Provides cooling without liquid, ice, or gas


  • Military
  • Law enforcement
  • Industrial workers
  • Medical patients
  • First responders
  • Hazmat personnel
  • Construction workers
  • Welders
  • Clean room

The patent-pending THERMAL STAR® TURBO AIR SYSTEM is a unique assembly that utilizes both the intake and exhaust air flow streams generated by a fan to provide a cooling effect to the front or back of an individual. The light-weight 5oz. system is designed to be worn over or under clothing, making it ideal for many cooling applications that require ease of movement. Great for military, construction, or law enforcement applications.

The patented THERMAL STAR® JET AIR SYSTEM uses a belt-mounted fan that discharges a high volume air flow stream from waist-mounted outlets towards the upper or lower body. As the air streams pass over the body, it creates a cooling effect. The assembly, weighting about 1.5lbs., is idea for recreational or medical use.

The patented THERMAL STAR® WHIRLWIND SYSTEM, weighing about 2lbs., uses a belt-mounted fan that produces a high pressure air flow stream that exits from opening in spiral discharge tubes placed about the body. Its unique crushproof design bends with body movement, allowing it to operate over or under clothing. Ideal for PPE or hazmat applications.

The patent-pending THERMAL STAR® MICRO JET SYSTEM uses a self-contained 12-volt miniature cooling fan that can be used to prevent heat stress by ventilating helmets or other types of garments. Its unique adjustable mounting clip allows it to be easily attached to most helmets or apparel without compromising their integrity.




* Not to be used as a respiratory device or in explosive, chemical, or toxic environments