THERMAL MAX® MICRO is a miniature heat exchanger system that can be utilized on numerous cooling and heating applications. Having an approximate footprint of 6″ square (other sizes are available), it can be used to cool fluids typically found on motorcycles, four wheelers, compact equipment or other types of applications that have limited space. As a supplemental heater, it will provide better interior climate control on numerous vehicles including buses, limousines, vans, construction equipment, etc. On computer applications, the THERMAL MAX® MICRO can be part of a liquid transfer system that will dissipate unwanted heat from the CPU, resulting in higher clock-speed and improve performance.

The THERMAL MAX® MICRO is a self-contained modular heat exchanger that utilizes a high-performance 12 volt electric fan [ 24 volt optional ], can handle liquid flows up to 3 gpm, and is capable of dissipating up to 1000 btu per hour. Other compact sizes are available.


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