AC Fan Assembly

ELECTRIC FAN ENGINEERING has raised the bar for heavy-duty cooling with its newly designed high-performance ELECTRIC and HYDRAULIC HEAT TRANSFER ASSEMBLIES. The THERMAL SMART® system combines a high-output fan with a specially designed, heavy-duty heat exchanger. Assemblies can be used as radiators, charged air coolers or hydraulic oil heat exchangers that are used on cars, trucks, buses, off-highway, military, stationary equipment or other types of commercial and industrial applications. Sizes up to 10′ x 10′ are available.

EFE specializes in fully-assembled packages that can include fan, radiator, charged-air cooler, and a hydraulic oil heat exchanger. THERMAL SMART® HEAT EXCHANGER PACKAGES come in all shapes, sizes and capacities. EFE’s custom-designed units with DC, AC or hydraulic fan drives, will solve many thermal management problems.


ELECTRIC FAN ENGINEERING invites you to experience the next level in cooling. For more information, please contact our Radiator Division at 800-338-4120.

Turbine Hydraulic Fan Assembly










THERMAL MAX® Steel Heat Exchangers for Oil