Turbine Electric Fans

Turbine Electric Fans

As an industry leader in cooling, ELECTRIC FAN ENGINEERING (EFE), now has the most comprehensive line of fans which include DC Brush and Brushless, AC Single and 3-Phase, and Hydraulically Driven Assemblies. The advanced designed units will surpass other types of assemblies, since they provide the maximum amount of airflow.

ELECTRIC FAN ENGINEERING’s proven fan technology, which has been patented and developed over the past twenty years, will allow original equipment manufacturers to design sophisticated thermal management systems. EFE’s FAN ASSEMBLIES can be easily combined with engine radiators, air conditioning condensers, or other types of heat exchangers to form self-contained units that can be easily remote mounted away from congested areas to alternate positions. Such assemblies can be utilized to solve fan alignment problems, overheating, noise abatement issues and engine compartment over-crowding.

Most standard assemblies come complete with motor, fan shroud, fan base and mounting hardware. Optional finger guards are also available.

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